IH smaller-Apple full color with-glass Kathleen Kryza's  dynamic Infinite Horizons workshops, institutes, consulting, and coaching can be customized to meet your district, school or event needs. All learning events combine current research and educational theory with hands-on, practical strategies for shifting teaching paradigms. Any of the services can be designed to respond to the specific needs of students who are English Language Learners, Special Education, Gifted and Talented, or Low Socio-economic.
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"I wanted to take a moment to express just how wonderful yesterday's training was. The day flowed beautifully!"

 - Trisha L. Carroll, Instructional Consultant/Director KEDC   


 "Thanks so much for yesterday's session in Boston. It was such a breath of fresh air and I feel like I have some tools I can use immediately."
Sarah, New Hampshire



  "Thank you for a fantastic presentation this weekend! Thank you 'Chunk, Chew, and Check Chick!' for a wonderful conference." -  Margie, Chicago